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  • We create a bespoke list of questions you want covered
  • The client has the opportunity to set the date and time
  • Any purchases we must make can be refunded after the event
  • We will email you a copy of our report which contains our findings

Email: info@marketvoice.co.uk

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The feedback collected from Market Voice helped us increase in-store sales by a massive 24%


There is only one boss. The customer. And they can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money elsewhere.

Emma Blackstock - Shopper Boutique

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Mystery Shopping

See unbiased reports of how your staff interact and serve your customers. Rceive the most powerful and action-oriented feedback available and know exactly what's happening in your retail space.

Focus Group Services

Think one mystery shopper's opinion is fallible? We can arrange to have up to six mystery shoppers survey your store and then gather them for a revealing focus group to get a consensus.

Video Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping sounds like a great tactic, but you want to see for yourself? With the most advance technology around, we can record our mystery shopping excursions so you can see first-hand how your staff interact with customers in a variety of scenarios.

We are delighted with the mystery shopper programme that Market Voice has delivered for us. We would heartily recommend this service.

Gordon Craig - Manager - Glasgow Hilton

Scotland Wide Coverage

Wherever your stores are located in Scotland, we can have professional, dedicated, insightful mystery shoppers there at the earliest convenience to begin information-gathering and assessment so you can start learning how to raise your shopping experience above the competition - or nip potential problems in the bud!

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Taking the mystery out of retail.